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Brenda K. Ford, Counselor  A-K      brenda.ford@tus.k12.pa.us
Lynn C. Troutman, Counselor L-Z   lynn.troutman@tus.k12.pa.us
Mary Cristofano, Secretary              mary.cristofano@tus.k12.pa.us
Gabrielle Mummert, NCAC Advisor gabrielle.mummert@tus.k12.pa.us
Pennsylvania State Work Permits for ages 14-18.  
To receive a work permit:
1.  Complete the application
2.  Bring it and a copy of your birth certificate or driver's license/permit to the Counseling Office.
To request a transcript:  
You may call Mary Cristofano at (717) 328-2146, ext. 2206 or email: mary.cristofano@tus.k12.pa.us
State your current name and address, your name while attending school here and the year of graduation.
Also, I will need to know where to send the transcript to and whether it needs to be an official or unofficial copy.
Transcripts will usually do when an employer requests a copy of your diploma since it includes the date of graduation; ask your employer.
Students currently attending:  Pink request forms are found in the counseling office.  A counselor recomendation will require a visit with your counselor. 
Remember:  You must allow the counseling office a week to 10 days to process your transcript.
Enrolling a new or returning student:
When you are finished, please call Mrs. Cristofano, 717 328-2146 x 2206 to set up an appointment to complete the registration process.  When enrolling a high school student, it is a must to have current grades and a transcript of past high school level grades to start a student as well as the immunization record. Please send these prior to your appointment so that we may quickly and effectively start your student. Don't forget your proof of residency too!
Student Assistance Program

In Pennsylvania, every middle and high school and some elementary schools have a Student Assistance Program (SAP). A SAP team, made up of school and community agency staff, is here to help you access school and community services.

If a student or teacher has a concern about a student who is struggling they are encouraged to submit a SAP referral (https://goo.gl/forms/0YMJUWbsQ8QhUIbM2) to the team. The SAP team collects information on how that student is doing in school and explains the process to the student and their parents. If the student and parent would like to participate, the parent completes a Parent Permission Form.

The SAP team is here to help students who are struggling. The SAP team will help you find services and assistance within the school and, if needed, in the community.

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