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We are committed to:
1.  Building relationships among students, staff and the community
2.  Providing equitable experiences for all learners
3.  Preparing learners for a complex, rapidly changing world
4.  Creating learner friendly environments
5.  Communicating clearly

Recent News

Senior Decision Day 2020

If we were in school today our students would have taken part in our annual Decision Day assembly. Decision Day is a program where we recognize our Seniors and highlight their post high school plans. It is not only a time to celebrate our Seniors and their post graduation decisions but also a chance use their successes as beacons to inspire our underclassmen to keep work toward their own goals. Please use the links below to access three video presentations in our celebration of Decision Day! Well Wishes from JBHS Faculty and Staff Decision Day Seniors' Advice to Underclassmen We are proud of our Seniors and all they have done and will continue to do!