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Graduation Requirements


Required courses can be divided in 4 areas:  state requirements, local school district requirements, curricular requirements, and Special Education requirements as determined by the Individual Education program (I.E.P.).  All of these are considered in the following information. 


In order to graduate from James Buchanan High School a senior must complete a minimum of 23.25 course credits.  If the student has more than the required 23.25, but does not have the required courses under each course title they are not eligible to graduate. 



English             4.0 credits                  FLO                                                       0.5 credits

            Social Studies   3.5 credits                  Health and Physical Education             2.5 credits 

            Science             3.0 credits                  Driver Education                                   0.5 credits 

Mathematics     3.0 credits                  Graduation Project                                0.25 credits 

            Electives           6.0 credits                   


Additionally, students must meet PSSA or State Keystone Exam requirements in order to graduate.