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DL Martin offers Tour

Friday, April 5th provided an opportunity to see initiatives come full circle.  For as long as I have been at TSD (since 2013) we have been providing students with unique technology experiences.  After touring DL Martin's Mercersburg facility on Friday it is clear that we need to continue and expand those opportunities for our students.
In case you may not know, DL Martin does a variety of manufacturing for different companies.  They make lots of parts for elevators, have several military contracts, and have partnered with Volvo just to name a few.  Their company has maintained a stellar relationship for the quality of their machined products and their ability to maintain that over time has allowed them to continue to expand their operation. 
I was most impressed however, with their ability to solve problems that other companies could not.  This ability to problem solve also equated to earning contracts and opportunities when others were unable to.  All of this innovation has also enabled them to invest heavily in upgrading and staying current with their equipment's changing technology.
Every person at DL Martin was working on a machine that run based on some type of technology.  Those machines performed a variety of tasks that require precision and demand high levels of mechanical and technological understanding by the operators.
In addition, operators are expected to work with engineers and each other to problem solve and create the most efficient process possible to create many different implements and products.  DL Martin is not alone in their need for workers with the types of qualifications listed above, and it is incredibly important that we continue to prepare students at TSD for these and similar jobs as they make their way from school to either college or career.
The technology and skills we are teaching students today NEED to prepare them for the wide variety of technology they may encounter and the skills they may need in the future.
A big thank you to Preston Spahr who was willing to spend a few hours showing me their business on Friday.  It was a great experience.  All of the staff was excellent and were also able to spend just a few minutes talking about how they operate on a daily basis.  Thanks again to DL Martin for having me out and helping our district to better prepare all of our learners for their unlimited NEXT!